Our Montana archery elk hunts are run from our wilderness camps located in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.  Archery hunting a bull elk in the rut is the hunt of all hunts.   The thrill of a screaming, bugling bull up close and personal will make any hunters heart pound with sheer excitement.  Our guides become love sick cows and will do anything to get you the best possible shot.  A cow call is recommended.  They are cheap, easy to use and are very effective to stop a bull for your perfect shot.  You will want to make sure you know your bow and practice, practice, practice.  Shot distance varies from 3-50 yards so keep your nerves calm.  This is not always easy to do as that bugling bull screams and breaks the morning silence.  The hair on the back of your neck stands up, your heart begins to race and opportunity might present itself any moment.  The sound as they come rushing in and the beauty of a bull elk in all his glory standing before you is something you can only imagine if you have lived it.  

The archery elk hunts are the beginning of our fall season and the moment that many begin preparing for in advance.  The excitement amongst hunters begins weeks in advance as they prepare, practice and anticipate the thrill that comes with a Montana archery hunt.

Archery is the only hunt during the rut, offering first chance at the big bugling bulls.  Archery elk hunts give you a more up close and thrilling adventure that you are sure to never forget.  

Montana elk and deer hunt
montana bull elk