Montana Bear Hunts

Another recommended addition to your vacation is a Montana bear hunt.  Bear hunting is another thrill that many hunters seek in hopes of harvesting a nice trophy which they can take home with them and enjoy for many years to come.  Whether you seek a rug, life size or shoulder mount we can assist you in preparing your trophy for transport or a meeting with a local taxidermist to preserve your bear hunting memory.  Our local bear hunts are black bear hunts.

As the bears come out of hibernation, you may choose a spring black bear hunt which runs from April 15 to June 15.  You never know the color or size of bear you may find as they can vary greatly.  Whether it be brown, black, chocolate or possibly a cinnamon.  Bear hunting is a  great way to get back out in the spring after being cooped up all winter and get back to the great outdoors.  Be sure to bring your binoculars and camera.

Spot and stalk hunting technique is primarily used as hungry bears gorge themselves on open avalanche slides and grass slopes.  Bears enjoy the local huckleberry patches and might be gracious enough to save you one or two.

A fall bear tag is a good addition to a elk or deer hunt if the opportunity to harvest a bear arises. 

Spring bear hunters- call for special rates and other opportunities.   

Your black bear hunt will not only bring the thrill of the hunt it will also expose you to the endless beauty that Montana has to offer.

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