Mountain Lion Hunts

Cabin fever?  Middle of winter blues?  Starting December 1 we have a hunt you will surely remember.   Montana lion hunts are definitely a hunt to consider.

The thrill of hunting the ever elusive Mountain Lion, the opportunity that you can't get just anywhere, the adrenaline rush when the hounds start a track and you know there is a lion somewhere nearby.  The animal you rarely see though they are out there.  A Montana Mountain lion hunt will give you something to always remember and a trophy that will remind you always of the day you fulfilled a dream of hunting mountain lions.  With the help of experienced  hounds, we will take you on a thrilling chase as the dogs pursue and tree the cats.  The excitement you will feel as you hear the hounds bay when they are running a track will be something you will always remember.  The sight of the dogs beneath a tree, the music of them treeing a cat, the sight of a lion high above you in the trees, this is a hunt which is only possible with experienced guides, dogs and some experience to offer you.  Our dogs are proven and are quite well known throughout the area.  With a great success record we are ready to run for you.  

Wait until you show this trophy to your friends and family along with the photos and stories and memories that you will carry with you forever.  We don't just search for lion tracks ..... we run them, tree them and the rest of the story is up to you.  You will be pleased with the dogs and how hard they will work.  Our dogs enjoy lion hunting just as much as any hunter and can't wait to run the next track.  Our dogs are a huge asset to our business and we can't wait to introduce you to them.  We are sure you will love them too.  Mountain lion hunts are something that many dream of and some will find a way to pursue the  experience.  Make sure you are the one who experiences it.

Be in shape, snow is deep, but the dogs are ready!  Mountain lion hunts are a great winter vacation that you will remember always.

All Mountain lion hunters (residents and non residents) please call for information due to ever changing lion quotas and regulations.  Hunting mountain lions in Montana is an experience you will treasure forever.